Knowledge. Innovation. Professionalism.

We believe in potential of knowledge, power of innovation and professionalism in acting. We are the experts in our field; 
for many years we have supported realization of strategic projects for the industries of building, metallurgy, power and mining.
We focus on modern technologies and proven solutions and we are a reliable business partner. 

Experience. Versatility. Quality.

Potential of knowledge of highly qualified engineers.
As a result of this we can realize really significant and highly diversified projects

providing full flexibility, punctuality and the highest quality.

Career. Development. Possibilities.

Impressive array of production abilities and vast assortment on offer allow our employees to obtain valuable experience during realization
of various and interesting projects. They also create opportunities for development and certification of qualifications with renowned permits
and certificates. We invite you to the company which appreciates knowledge and engagement and which knows how to motivate its team.

Progresja Sp. z o.o. was commenced its activity in 2007, from the very beginning successfully focusing on domestic and foreign markets. Thus, in its portfolio, it now can boast with realization of many interesting and various projects. Main areas of the company’s activity include metallurgy and power industry, with particular focus on projects connected with renewable energy sources and environmental protection. .

Progresja Sp. z o.o. provides mostly steel constructions, machinery parts, and, based upon developed designing services, also technological solutions with their complex realization. What is important, specialized engineering services provided by the Company apart from designing, include also supervision over realization of complex steel constructions and devices with supervision over whole production cycle, control over work progress and their quality. However, it is not the whole activity of Progresja which offer includes also conducting specialized researches and expertise, technical acceptances and logistic service for the realized projects.

The aforementioned supported by the background of up to 1500 m2, qualified quality assurance staff, a team of designers and experienced project managers and production and assembly team creates the strong potential of the company which can undertake realization of every ambitious project in the branch of industry.

Main scope of activity of Progresja Sp. z o.o.:

  • » steel constructions and machining;
  • » designing;
  • » supervision over realization;
  • » researches, expertises;
  • » building;
  • » preparation of contracts.
However, satisfaction from efficiently realized projects is not the only source of energy driving the Company towards further development. Progresja Sp. z o.o. willingly participates in various charity enterprises and engages in pro-cultural initiatives. The next year of its activity, the Company initiated with active participation in grand 19th final of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. This year Orkiestra collected funds for support of children with urological and nephrological disorders. The Company had honour to support WOŚP foundation by winning a special auction and symbolical purchase of Railway Shaft in Zabytkowa Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego "Guido" in Zabrze. Thanks to its engagement, Progresja Sp. z o.o. became an honourable owner of Guido Shaft and the event was illustrated by a commemorative plaque hung at the facade of the Railway Shaft building. At present it can be seen by everyone visiting the monumental mine.

Progresja Sp. z o.o and Jurek Owsiak

Machining processes in production branch Progression Sp. z o. o.